Patient Testimony

Rose Mary- Spring
"After my first visit and adjustment, let me tell you that I felt a lot better than when I walked in there. Between my second and third visit, I noticed a great improvement in my back. But now I can honestly tell you that I am 110% better. My range of motion is better. I am doing exercises that Dr. Dannug suggested I do on a daily basis and it has helped considerably. Thank you so much for what you have done."

Michael- Houston
"Dr. Dannug treated both my wife and I several times and we were very impressed with not only his knowledge of the practice but his technique and bedside manner. We both see why Dr. Dannug graduated with honors at the top of his class and we will continue to utilize his services for as long as it takes to keep us feeling balanced and well. Thank you Dr. Dannug! You have made a huge difference in both of our lives and I know that you will do the same for others."

Jermaine- Houston
"I hurt my shoulder at the gym one day and thought I would need surgery, but after a round of treatments with Just Health Center, I'm pain free and back to working out. Thanks!"

Leanne- Houston
"I'm a runner and experienced two bad cases of plantar fasciitis. The first time around I received a cortisone injection in my foot as well as an anti-inflammatory, which gave me relief. The second time around, the anti-inflammatory had no effect, so I went to Dr. Dannug and was treated with Graston and Rehab and haven't had any episodes since."

Patty- Spring
"I have had "neck and shoulder" issues and recently decided to try Just Health! In just a very short time, I have had amazing results. Dr. Dannug has provided me with an excellent treatment plan and I am feeling 100% better. I have had amazing results with the Graston Technique, my only regret is that I didn't come sooner. Everyone there has been very welcoming and friendly! If you are needing some relief from the pain then I highly suggest giving Dr. Dannug and Just Health a call."

Leallen- Houston
"As I was skeptical about having a chiropractor work to relieve any ongoing pain that had been with me for quite a long time, Dr. Dannug not only rid me of my skepticism, he also relieved me of my neck and shoulder pain. Everything he did was performed in a very professional and comforting manner. His approach has allowed me to look at all my choices in healthcare differently for myself and my family. I am not a fan of taking a pain pill on a regular basis, which is what I was doing, yet since being a patient of Dr. Dannug, I followed through on a regiment that helped me maintain a pain free situation without taking a pill."